With a wide range of carefully prepared award winning sausages and burgers you are sure to come back for more. Many customers travel far and wide, just read some of our reviews. Johns first award was in 1988 where he received a National Silver Award followed by numerous regional awards. This has been followed by many national and regional awards and now his apprentice butcher, David, has followed in his footsteps with awards of his own.

All our sausages are handmade. Our more popular varieties are available weekly, our regulars so to speak, which include

  • Gold - Pork and mixed herbs a brilliant all round sausage and one of our most popular.
  • Old English - Mild spices good for breakfast or dinner. Especially with mash and a glass of beer.
  • Chipolatas - Commonly known as 'Chips' by our regular customers. Children love them! They work well in salads, for breakfast and on the BBQ plus wrapped with bacon for Xmas. A thinner sausage quick to cook.
  • Sausage Meat - Varies depending on what's been made this week, can be used for all sorts including Stuffing, sausage burgers, meat balls, etc.
  • Beef Burgers - Not a sausage but just as popular with our latest offering the Moroccan Beef Burger and the Gluten free burger.

We have a vast variety of speciality sausages and burgers, we can normally have these ready within 3 working days. Please call 01252 543283 to place your enquire availability or to order. 

Gold Sausages

A subtle blend of pork and mix herbs. Winner of multiple gold awards by both John and David. Perfect for toad in the hole, casseroles and of course the great British BBQ

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A gold mix of pork sausage but smaller and thinner as would be expected by this style of sausage. Children love them but the adults eat them all.

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