Other Meats

Prices are as accurate as possible and subject to market fluctuations.


Top Side - £10.10kg
Top Rump - £10.10kg
Sirloin Joint - £16.80kg
Ribs Beef - £16.70kg
Salt beef to order - POA


Shoulder of Pork (boneless) - £5.60kg
Leg Pork (boneless) - £6.90kg
Loin Pork - £7.60kg
Salt pork to order - POA


Shoulder of Lamb (Bone and Rolled) - £10.00kg
Leg Lamb - £10.00kg
Loin Lamb - £13.00kg

Unsmoked gammon - £5.80 kg
Smoked gammon - £6.10kg
Piggy's in blankets - POA
Sausage - £6.80kg
Sausage Meat - £6.00kg
Chipolatas - £7.95kg

Pices correct at publication 12th November 2018,
All prices can fluctuate and are subject to market influence.
That does not mean they only go up, they can also go down.
For example: Last year ribs of beef dropped by £4/kilo due to market influence.
We will always try and pass the savings we receive to our customers.


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