Bronze Turkeys

All our turkeys are free range turkeys and are sourced from Golden Turkeys (John Howe Turkeys).

bronze turkey Bronze Turkeys

4kg - £14.96 per kg - Almost Sold Out* - Only 4.8kg & 4.9kg Available
5kg - £14.27 per kg - Very Low Stock*
6kg - £13.41 per kg - Very Low Stock*
7-8kg - £11.93 per kg
9-10kg - £10.35 per kg
11+kg - £9.19 per kg

Call 01252 543283 to place you order

What is a bronze turkey?



Bronze free range turkeys grow at a slower rate than the white, some say that this gives a better flavour. What actual happens is that it allows the fat to develop around the breast which helps with self-basting the bird and therefore keeping the bronze moister than the white. However, we do believe that taste is the major winner here so if you want a different flavour this christmas why not try a Bronze.

All our turkeys are offered at a minimum of 4kg as free range birds are treated much better than barn reared which often menas very few trukeys will be smaller than that. If you want something smaller we suggest a crown.

*We are in contact with our supplier on a regular basis and update these details accordingley. We are unable to guarantee thiese weight any longer as they have now sold most of their turkeys of this size or are incredibly low in stock. To avoid dissappointment please order early.

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